Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Pneu - Highway to Health (2011)

A compelling mix of Math-rock, instrumental
and Noise-rock.

Strong, frantic, heavy and chaotic all spring to mind
when these French guys do their thang.

I am having to go somewhere shortly, so:

This band is very much like a more tuneful "Lightning

You will either know what this means or you are reading
the wrong blog.


  1. hey! it sounds really good! I did not know them. Thanks for sharing!
    by the way... enormous cover hahaha

  2. I have only had this for a month or so. There is very little info on them apart from they are French.

  3. This is great shit! First in a long time that makes me think I'm listening to something actually that is not a copy of something else. This band is very much like a more tuneful "Lightning
    Bolt". That's a pretty exact description. Have to say I can't stand lightning bolt as I generally find it hard to get along with music that's made to be unlistenable. This here is extremely wild, yet I think it still sounds pleasant in a way. Real discovery!

  4. And hey man, thanx for this blog, it seems to be full of interesting stuff across most genres. Thumbs up.

  5. I know what you mean - not much joy for me, playing music that has the tag "unlistenable"!

    Thanks for the comments - it's a cliche but it really does make is seem worthwhile!

  6. You're welcome. I've just recently stumbled into the world of "music blogs" but there are some among them that make a good inspiration when skimming. I'll definitely follow yours and leave comments whenever I 've got sth to say ;). Cheers man.