Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Blood - False Gestures for a Devious Public (1983)

Saw these guys a lot - they seemed to always
support The Damned.

This was high-octane punk, high on memorable
tunes, wicked fast guitar licks and solos, great
thuggish singing with a lot of backing vocals
sounding like a drunken football crowd - this
sometimes earned them the "Oi" tag which
was pretty unfair.

The singer would dress up as a Cardinal, (very
suitable as his name was Cardinal Jesus Hate!) covered
in fake blood and I am pretty sure I remember that
the album release date was delayed as the pressing
plant refused to go ahead, objecting to the lyrics
and cover!

This features high on my top punk albums which
have driving songs and killer tunes rather than
my crust/anarcho albums!

Basically, if you like any songs from "Machine Gun
Etiquette", give this a listen.

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