Monday 23 May 2011

Ufomammut - Eve (2010)

This is the Italians 5th album and is made up of a
single 45 minute track divided up into 5 movements.

With the sound firmly cemented in Doom, this starts
off with ambient sounds that slowly build up with
layered guitars that gradually explode into a sonic
explosion of dense heaviness.

I am quite new to the world of doom, so have no idea
about comparisons or the correct termonology ..... but
the riffs are killers in the sense that the notes not only
somehow sound heavier than normal but they evolve,
bringing new sounds of chord progressions in a very
organic way, nothing seems forced, everything just flows
into the next track.

You get chanting vocals, slow frenzied solos, deep grooves,
drones, organ stabs, samples and throughout, plenty of
distortion and feedback.

Did I mention the heaviness?

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