Thursday, 24 March 2011

Led Zeppelin - Fillmore West 1969

Playing support to Country Joe & The Fish at the
Fillmore West on 01/11/1969, this is supposed to
be the very 1st Zepp soundboard recording.

This is a real raw recording with the band really
going for it. Plant is mixed up a bit too high for
my liking but you can get the feel of them playing
at a smallish venue before the huge arenas kicked in.

Only 5 songs but what a track listing!

I Can't Quit You
Dazed & Confused
You Shook Me
How Many More Times
Communication Breakdown

Sound quality is pretty good but nothing will
ever compare to the fantastic, powerful sound of
"The Song Remains The Same" - which sounds even
better since they released the rest of the tracks that
were left off the album!

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