Tuesday 1 March 2011

Live Skull - Bringing Home the Bait (1985)

Inspired in no small part by Sonic Youth, Live
Skull took the New York scene movement as
a starting point but instead of going down the
noise rock route like Scratch Acid/Melvins etc,
they took the abrasive elements and joined them
up with distinctive, arty song arrangements that
had hints of white noise but overlaid with clean
picked guitars and spoken vocals.

They still got dark and made a lovely distorted
racket but always showed restraint amongst the
angular tunes.

So, give this a go if you fancy some S. Youth type
stuff as opposed to Jesus Lizard.

Oh yeah, over the weekend all the S. Youth posts
got taken down which rather put a dent into my
project of reviewing all the albums up to "Daydream

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