Monday, 28 February 2011

February Music

Here are some tracks from the bands that made me
jump up and down this month.

666 MPH - Bong-Ra (Dub step)
Black Blood - APE! (Stoner hardcore)
Black Lightning - The Bellrays (Detroit type rock/soul)
Creation - UK Subs (if I need to describe their sound,
you are on the wrong blog!)
Ghost - Tephra (Post-metal)
Space - Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corp (Dark Ambient Jazz)
The Lost Army - Sherman to the Fucking Sea (Post-metal hardcore)
A Tale of Tales - Rabbits (Post-metal)
Crossing Over - Dying Sun (Heavy post-rock)
The Artifical Genius - Father Divine (Heavy Mars Volta)
In The Shadows - Talons (Mathy post-rock)
Blind Again - Monotonix ( Punked up garage)
Whore of Babylon - Abandoned (Fast abrasive punk)

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