Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Camel - Gods of Light ('73-'75)

English Prog rock from England.

They never reached the heights of Yes, Genesis etc
but produced sometimes ambient, sometimes space
rock guitar workouts over many albums.

Soaring clean solos with keyboards and flute and
the odd vocal passage, these live selections give
a good indication of their sound.

After 1976, I find them a bit bland and soft sounding
but this has five extended tracks with some magical
guitar work.


  1. Camel are fucking excellent. End of transmission.

  2. I typed this album in google and here again your blog :) PS I'm not fan of symphonic prog and Camel as well but this live just blew me away especially Arubaluba jam. Very unusual for Camel and too bad only one album in that key :(

  3. This has become the Camel album I play the most.