Friday, 7 January 2011

Guards - New Flesh (2010)

This is a real ear-bleeder.

Lightning Bolt come to mind when it first starts
but then Guards take things to a newer horrific

What seems to be pure white noise slowly turns
into hints of tunes, while the instruments sound
like close-miked cement mixers tuned to a major
"A" chord!

I did not think I would like it but as my brains
started to dribble out of my ears, the chaos
seemed to make sense and almost hypnotise me.

Very powerful stuff - not something I will play everyday
but will dip into when feeling brave.


  1. sounds VERY promising Tony. I'll get all over this

  2. As you have gone over to the dark side, you may not find this as scary as I did!

    Gonna try the Earth album you put up. Have not really liked previous stuff but wtf - it's there to be tried.

  3. decent stuff man, id definately recommend the earth album it is brilliant. also, good linking, omar's old money is one of his finest albums, and im into omars music inside out heh

  4. I love Omar - I think I only had 2 albums before I discovered VDO - now I have shit loads!