Wednesday, 26 January 2011

250 posts

Well, here we are - 250 posts. What a journey it
has been for us all!

We've cried together when rapidshare lost all the links.

We've high fived together when I realised how long
those you-tube links take to load on.

And how we laughed when Goijira made me take
down the link - and then the picture - and then
even the review!

I have been saddened to find out that some of
you have looked at other blogs - so much for
being faithfull. Well, if you must know I have
written reviews for other people and I did not
even tell you! Ha!

Lets not fight - let us celebrate these posts
with some wonderful gifts for you - my faithful
download monkeys.

First off - A collection of out-takes that never
made it onto the 1st Stooges album. For the most
part, the songs sound pretty much the same with
some different vocal inflections from Iggy but
the real joy are the extra long guitar solos from the
sadly missed Ron Asheton - Listen

And for those of you who are mentally ill and do
not like The Stooges - get down with the soundtrack
to the John Carpenter film "The Thing" by the oh, so
cool Ennio Morrcione - Listen



    And by all means keep it up, a handful of good blogs are going in slowmode now,and it's good to see yours isn't.


  2. Hey, thanks a lot guys - Long live all music blogs, whatever genre the oosts are!