Friday, 14 January 2011

Kvelertak - S/T (2010)

This came out last summer but I have only got
around to giving it a listen now.

............ and it is fantastic! This would of made my
top albums of the year.

Coming from Norway, this hardcore band mix it
up with elements of stoner and filthy rock'n'roll.

Heavy all the way through, they do not forget to
write tunes - each song has an identity. Great guitar
riffs and short powerful solos are used throughout
and are combined with growled vocals to deliver
the (to my ears anyway) perfect album.

If you like Phantom Glue or Colisuem or have
ever dug Baroness in full Motorhead/Discharge
mode - give this a play.

Fantastic artwork from John Baizley as well.


  1. Looked at the album art and thought, is this a baroness album? Haha, I'll give this a listen, sounds interesting

  2. I know what you mean, I love his art ..... if interested: