Monday, 24 January 2011

The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster - Blood & Fire (2010)

After the limp, tired 2nd album that was "The
Royal Society" I kinda gave up on this lot.

2002 brought us the debut "Horse of the Dog"
and it was great - full of piss and spite that bounced
along with a psychotic rock-a-billy swagger that
mixed up the Stooges and punk.

This is a return to form. Stomping rhythms with
a heavy groove set the scene while the vocals veer
between a sneer and shout to give you an album
that at last almost follows up "Horse of the Dog'.


  1. Didn't even realise they'd released anything new! Excited to hear this!
    I saw these live a few years ago, just after the first album I think. The support was an unknown band called Kasabian. Oh how the great have fallen.

  2. Excellent! Can't fucking wait to hear this.