Tuesday 11 January 2011

Ruptured Dog - 2010

15 years after last playing together, Ruptured Dog
decided to see if they could coax their ancient bones
and decaying memories into playing some songs.

Well fuck me sideways - we could!

The Songs we played were:

Black Insect laughter
Twilight of the Idols
We love the MC5
Loss of Reason
Day of Forever
Cathode King
Wounded Knee

To listen to the songs recorded live in the
studio, with no fancy overdubs, listen Here

To listen to the songs with all guitars over-
dubbed and re-mixed, listen Here

For those of you who have no idea who Ruptured Dog
were, we played melodic old-school punk rock and
worshipped all things by the Clash, Ramones and Iggy.

See a video of how sexy I looked before I became senile - Here

or look at our my-space thingy for a blog, other songs and
pictures of how we looked before the interweb existed -Here


  1. Really enjoyed this Tony, you guys still have it. I'm glad I know where the name of your blog comes from now haha. Looking to gig again?

    After I listened to this I thought to myself "wait a minute, didn't he post some other stuff that he recorded ages ago?" After checking I realised you had and I downloaded your other albums too. Re-birth through struggle is shit hot, as is songs from...
    So consider this a thanks and an apology for overlooking the previous stuff for whatever reason I had at the time.

  2. Thanks for the kind words ZoSo))) - no apology needed for previous stuff, I find myself going back to posts 3 months ago on VDO, I just sometimes forget to return.

    We would love to gig again but are all scattered to the 4 winds - I think it took Dug - our bass player - 8 hours to reach our studio!

    We do plan to this this once a year but it takes some planning!

  3. Time, jobs and women ruin bands. If you guys decide you are wanting to hit the road again then I might be able to get something sorted for you up these neck of the woods. Just give me a shout!