Monday 31 January 2011

January Music

Gonna try something new.

At the end of each month I shall make a list
of the new albums (or albums that I have just heard)
that have made me jump up and down the most.

And because I am such a great host, I shall put a
track from each release onto a compilation, so
you too can enjoy - or not - the music I have
been enjoying.

Here goes: (in no particular order)

White Drugs - Gold Magic (hardcore/noise rock)
Mudy on the Sakabum - Pavilion (post rock instrumental)
Heinali & Matt Finney - Conjoined (doom prog?)
Ihsahn - After (post black metal prog)
Earth - Angels of Darkness (stoner drone)
Kvelertak - S/T (hardcore)
Let Live - Past History (hardcore)
Tusk - The Resisting Dreamer (post metal with noise & drone)
La Dispute - New Storms (hardcore)
Karysun - Until the End (post metal)
Black Sea - Somethings Cannot be Mirrored (post metal)
Home - S/T (hardcore sludge)
The Chariot - Long Live (hardcore)
413 - Path to Hocma (prog hardcore?)

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