Monday, 31 January 2011

Blackhole - Dead Hearts 2009

(Re-post 4 of 5)

Hardcore from last year. Often overlooked as just the brother
of the singer in Gallows, this debut album is a fantastic, headlong
rush of spat out vocals, meaty tunes with wonderful guitar riffage
that at times reminds me of the quicksilver lines that Brian James
used on the 1st Damned album.

As Richard Carter shreds his vocal chords on yet another explosive tune,
you start to wonder if this time next year, Gallows will have a fight on
their hands for the British hardcore crown.


  1. Good stuff man. Took me a while to get into Gallows and I kind of wish I'd have gotten there earlier, I caught them live last year and I wish that it'd been in support of the first album not the poorer second album.

  2. I do like the 2nd album but it does not capture the sheer recklessness or abandon of the first one.

  3. yeah it's not too bad, it's just very poor compared to the first one.
    They are a pretty good live band, we nearly ended up in a fight with the support band like. Those guys were fucking dickheads