Friday 21 January 2011

Scratch Acid - The Greatest Gift

Before the Jesus Lizard, David Yow & David Sims
were in Scratch Acid, thrashing out highly original
and frenzied post-punk/noise rock.

Compiling of 2 EPs and their only full length album
"Just Keep Eating", this collection showcases
pounding drums, throbbing bass lines and scatter-
shot guitar riffs alongside of Yows impassioned
vocals and quite bizarre lyrics.

Like an American Birthday Party, Scratch Acid play
a combination of punk, blues, rock'n'roll but with
a bleakness + almost out of control intensity that
would become known as noise-rock.

If you are into this sort of stuff but have never heard


  1. Just downloaded this myself the other week, excellent album.

  2. It is a great album from a band that never really seem to get mentioned that much considering the impact they made.

  3. Very good stuff. Never really heard them before. It's not a genre that I'm up to scratch on but I do enjoy