Friday 28 January 2011

Stiff Little Fingers - Inflammable Material (1979)

A full throttled debut from the Belfast boys that
seemed to come from nowhere and kick you in
the face.

Beefy distorted guitars and and a pounding rhythm
section that sounded like Motorhead crashed out
of your speakers.

Throat shredding vocals that were so tuneful but
at the same time full of passion and did not sound
out of place with slightly poppier material.

With the exception of The Pistols, this made some
of the more established punk bands of the day seem
slow, tinny sounding and rather tame.


  1. Classic. Had some SLF on the jukebox in a little punk dive after we went to the Newcastle Spurs match

  2. Still sounds very good all these years later .........big Spurs fan then?

  3. haha, I have no animosity towards Spurs, unlike the older generations. Van Der Vaart needs to just stay stood up though, he was pretty frustrating to watch just trying to win free kicks all over the pitch.

  4. My work is full of people who have such hatred of certain teams it has actually put me off talking football with them - not that I have seen a live game for years now, just a bit on the telly which suits me fine.

    Mind you if someone stopped me listening to music, I would kill them and hunt down their relatives as well!

  5. I know people like that. I think it comes with the territory. My passion for music heavily outweighs my passion for football. Though it is my preferred vice when betting