Sunday 2 May 2010

The Stooges - Raw Power

In my twisted head, this is one of the greatest
guitar albums ever made and I have posted
this for no other reason that I am seeing the
Stooges tonight playing Raw Power in its

Oh Yes!!!!


  1. Lucky bastard. The London ATP gig?
    This is a great album though, tune after tune

  2. yeah, it was part of ATP.

    They also played other Pop/Williamson songs - I got a Right, Johanna, Cock in my Pocket, Kill City, Open up and Bleed + Dog, 1970, Funhouse.

    Suicide were the support - so loud it was like listening to a small war going off in your skull.

  3. Nobody has rocked the joint before or since like The Stooges did that night. James Williamson was truly astonishing, it was hard to believe he hadn't touched a guitar for over
    thirty years.

    I thought that The Stooges couldn't match the
    night they played "Fun House" back in 2005, which was the best gig I have ever seen.

    I was wrong.....

  4. It was a fantastic night, I agree about the Funhouse gig in 2005, to hear those songs played at that volume was never going to be topped ..... until
    that Raw Power performance. Williamson looked like a roadie just tuning up but when he played ...... well , you were there, so know that words cannot really describe the feeling.