Friday 30 April 2010

Crystal Antlers - Tentacles 2009

Their debut album which blends hardcore
punk with prog psychedelia, guitar solos
fight for room over organ stabs while
hoarse vocals add to the sonic beauty.

Compared to Comets on Fire, this is
recorded by the Mars Volta producer,
so he is used to mixing in slabs of sound
with a wall of noise.

There are moments of quiet but these always
return to the madness.
Listen here or take advantage of kind Mr ZoSo))) and
listen the self titled EP here


  1. that is the self released EP from 2008, feel free to post it up man. These guys have got such a good sound

  2. you are a gent - i have got this but was too lazy to sort out but will take advantage of your offer! Cheers.

  3. I'm currently laid in bed drunk as hell with this on testing my new record player out.

  4. Kinda jealous as I am gearing up for root canal work this morning!