Monday, 5 March 2012

PsychicEyeClix - Serious Idiots EP

Request from Doubledgescissor>8< record label.

PsychicEyeClix play a mix of dubstep/experimental/
electronic/noise which to be honest is way outside
my comfort zone for giving an accurate review.

The 1st track starts of with what sounds like some
John Lydon snippets of speech and then huge stabs
of noise appear accompanied by mutant beats and
keyboard stabs before it lurches into a barely coherent
tune - this is all in the first 20 seconds!

Imagine a bunch of fucked up robots trying to play a
gig using unknown instruments but fueled on cheap
lager and un-tested robot drugs. This is what I imagine
the end result would sound like.

BUT ....... despite my inability to describe the music,
it is fucking great - dunno if I would survive a whole albums
worth but if you feel in the mood to check something different
and genre destroying, please check these guys out.

Free download from Bandcamp

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