Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Keith Cook - Broken Grate

I stumbled across this on Bandcamp and had to post it.

How can you resist this description:

If you’re expecting street rock stuff from me then here it is.

It was recorded on a free recording program, a $2 PC mic

(luckily the last record paid for the mic), and a $0 budget.

All the songs were written on bass, all but 3(written earlier in 2011)

were written and tracked 1st on bass between 1 and 4pm November

17th 2011, the drums were tracked between 4 and 5pm the same day,

besides one that was originally recorded mid-afternoon May 1st 2011

(except for the drums that were tracked November 16th while I was

tracking drums for the other new recording) not too bad for someone

who has probably still spent less than 24 hours behind a drum kit in

their life. Guitar was tracked and the lyrics were written over the next

few days the last thing recorded was around 11:30am November 22nd.

I had a notebook I’d written titles for songs in during 2009 but no words

or music so I wrote them around those titles and saved about 4 for later use.

This is noisy, lo-fi punk - drums and bass barely audible, slurred
vocals and huge white noise slabs of guitars over which fuzzed
atonal solos are played.

Basically if you love the Velvet Underground at their most chaotic
and think the solo from "I Heard her Call My Name" cannot be beaten
then I urge you to give this a Listen

Free download from Bandcamp


  1. I love noise rock but this is just pure diletantism - on another hand what to expect from hipster. btw I bet you didn't heard how Chrome Cranks covering MC5 song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMBkN7QtTYw that's how real noise punk sounds \m/

    1. Keith Cook isn't a hipster, he's just way cooler and more talented than you so don't be jealous one day you might be cool yourself. I'm sure he's sorry that he doesn't fit into the narrow minded well overly musically trodden sterilized punk stereotype propagated by unoriginal cover band loving hippie fags such as the ones in Earthless.