Monday, 12 March 2012

Obstacles - Oscillate

Band request from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Here is their press release:

Having perfected the controlled, well-structured output on

Dividual – a relentless musical assault of tightness and timing

- the band felt an urge to tackle the song-writing in a completely

different way. Loosing up, Letting go. Trying to make the impossible,

possible by making complex music flow in a more free form. After a swift and spontaneous writing-process, 4 tracks were ready to be captured.

Obstacles teamed up with their friend Sune Kaarsberg to begin the

recordings of Oscillate in their studio. This was a very dynamic process filled with experiments in sound and form. The result is breathtaking.

Like being caught in a beautiful storm where chaos and energy reigns.

While still somewhat futuristic in its aesthetics, Oscillate can also be

considered a nod back to a hazy forgotten past, paying homage to

legends of prog-rock and jazz-fusion whilst still maintaining the

punchiness and vigor of their previous releases.

Obstacles are a 3 piece instrumental band who have combined

Space/prog-rock with some Math-rock and come up with some great

sounding tracks. Frantic playing makes sure all the tracks hurtle

along without losing the flow and there is some excellent guitar

riffing and solos that are boosted with the addition of some

un-hinged sax playing. This is pretty hard to describe - play the

stream below and make your own mind up!


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  1. math space jazz... weird combination but sounds cool

  2. Do not know if it will be jamming enough for you but there is some great guitar work going on!

  3. yeah I like it - sounds like Bushman's Revenge light without any noisy craziness