Wednesday 28 March 2012

Lantern - Burned Youth (2012)

Request from Pigeon Row, Canada.

Here is their press release:
Philadelphia's Lantern returns with a second tape release for Night-People, this time in the form of a reissued tour only cassette that highlights the band's evolution over the course of 2009-2011. Despite being a bit of a retrospective, Burned Youth feels very whole, considered and complete. Overall, the fidelity of these recordings is a bit more hi-fi than the band's recent Night-People tape Stranger I Come/Stranger I Leave. The destroyed, psyched-out proto-punk (Stooges/Denudes) inspired squall of that release isn't really present on this more archival material. For these recordings Lantern seemed to be approaching things from a more Texas/Delta blues and Their Satanic Majesties era Stones influence with a good bit of Texas garage psych thrown in the mix a la the Elevators and Parable of Arable by Red Krayola. This is really fun music regardless and feels like its own take on classic rock and roll aesthetics.

This is lo-fi rock'n'roll that has an almost weary country rock feel to things,
with acoustic guitars being at the front of things but when the fuzz comes in
you get a taste of Mazzy Star and hints of the Velvets at their most reflective.

You get laid back tunes with a 60's garage vibe - what's not to like?

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