Friday, 9 March 2012

Bubonic Bear - Fleshworld

Band request from Philadelphia, USA.

This duo play a mixture of hardcore and sludge with
brutal effect. Dirty distorted riffs hammer away as
the vocals vie for levels against the noise rock
type song arrangements.

Hard to believe that two people can make such
a fucking racket but hey, here is the evidence.

The songs speed along leaving you no room to
catch a breath and the aggression shows no sign
of flagging by the end of this eight track album.

This is no mindless thrashing though, they display
intricate arrangements among all the chaos which
should please anyone into Botch etc.

Highly recommended - Listen

Bubonic Bear play at the Kungfu Necktie Club at
1248 N Front Street, Philadelphia on Monday 23rd
April with Racebannon & Bardus.

Purchase the album - Here

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