Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Comity - The Journey Is Now Over

French heaviness that defies genre tagging.

Comity play a brutish but thrilling brutal mix of hardcore,
sludge and post-metal but keep things dark and dank with
descents into crust.

The four tracks are long and epic with a crushing feel to the
atmosphere. Extreme sonic noise is suddenly brought to
a stillness with piano notes echoing in the silence until
the chaos explodes - this reminds me of when Neurosis
still termed themselves as hardcore but were plainly
mapping new territory into post-metal.

The intensity of these songs seem impossible to keep up
but Comity play the tension out with an ease that is
helped with sudden bursts of Dillinger Escape Plan type
guitar riffs spewing out over the schizo tempo changes.

If you are not aware - I really like this - despite the fact that
it was released in December 2011, this goes onto my album
of the year list for 2012!

Pay what you want at Bandcamp on Throatruiner Records -
one of my favourite labels out there at the moment.

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