Thursday, 8 December 2011

Rage Against The Machine - S/T (1992)

Just some guys who combined Zepp type metal
riffs with some shouty rap - people had tried before
and why should this of been any different?

You know the score - this album ripped up the
rule book and burned a new sound in music, this
still sounds fucking fantastic today - when was the
last time you played it?


  1. I actually got this on vinyl when we were looking round camden market. Turned out to be a red version that's a little rarer. Cashback.

    When I heard this as a youth it struck a chord with me. It inspired me and some guys from school (shut up bryan adams) to start a band in the vein of RATM. That's where my musical "career" began. I've come a long way since then in my musical endeavors but I'll never forget where it all started

  2. I always thought that this was one of a handful of albums that if I had not already been making music, would of inspired me to start a band - glad to see my theory being correct!