Monday 19 December 2011

The Reptilians - The Mentalist (2011)

Band request from Idaho, USA.

The Reptilians have released a 27 minute epic track
and if you want to know how to put together a concept
album with no waffle or lack of focus, look no further.

Soft tones and ambient drones start off with comedian
Doug Stanhope ripping into religion - a piano riff slowly
drifts in with picked guitar. This builds up very slowly
to clean vocals until thing start to get very heavy and
we are now into Isis post-metal power. More complex
riffs and rhythms unfold and now powerful guitar solos
are unleashed as the structure shifts into Mastodon
"Crack the Skye" aggression - I know that not everyone
was a fan of that album but I loved it, so me is happy -
shouted vocals are roaring and the climax is bone-shaking.

The production is crisp and clean and all the instruments
are mixed how I like 'em - in your face but without being
too muddy.

Genres are kicked into touch here - metal/prog/sludge?
suffice to say, it is a very accomplished release and I think
that as one of my last posts of this year, you should give it
a listen.

Free download with a bonus track and a very spectacular Artbook
Pdf as well - Here

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