Saturday, 31 December 2011

The Stooges - Ungano's 1970

More rare than a message in the comments box,
Stooges recordings from the '69-'70 era seem to
be non-existent or just snippets of songs. This is
the best you are gonna ever get, the Funhouse
album being played in its full glory, feel the
savagery and power as God intended.

While the sound quality is hardly "The Song Remains
The Same", anyone who has any live Stooge stuff
knows how shit most of it sounds and will be mightly
relived to know that although recorded by Danny
Fields on his portable recorder, it still pisses over the
turgid levels of "Metallic KO"!

Happy New Year fuckers.


  1. Top post, thanx for this, you can never have enough Stooges.

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  3. Wise words, the Stooges are always there to give me a fix!