Thursday, 1 December 2011

Cosmonauts Day - Paths Of The Restless (2011)

Band request from Moscow.

I reviewed the Cosmonauts Day demo earlier in
the year and was impressed by the level of post-metal/
progressive sludge they had to offer but with this first
full length album, they have gone on to a whole different level.

In a genre that is in danger of becoming saturated with
sound-alike clones, this band - along with "Awake in Sleep"
and "Alaskan" - have forged their own identity and produced
a stunning album.

Hugely powerful post-metal riffs which have a throbbing sludge
feel to them assault your ears, while the atmospheric ambient
passages trick your brain into relaxing, making the thunderous
return to sonic heaviness really explode from the speakers.

Excellent production means that everything can be heard with
maximum impact - this is highly recommended.

And because they are good guys, you can pay what you like from Bandcamp

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