Friday 23 March 2012

Mastodon - Leviathan (Piano version!)

First of all, kudos to Metal Sucks blog for bringing this
to everyones attention. I would not normally just rip
off from a blog but this is a Soundcloud clip with a share
/embed option so here we are.

Some guy (jsabbottO) has recorded the entire Mastodon
album "Leviathan" on the piano in one take! While this
is an incredible feat of virtuoso playing and is definitely
worth a listen, if I had the skills to learn, notate and perform
like this, I sure as fuck would not be doing cover versions!


  1. Was really digging this, then clicked 'Comment' to tell you how much I was digging it and accidentally stopped the music in doing so, typical!

  2. It is quite different but quite cool.