Wednesday 14 March 2012

Kustodian - Dusted Emperor (2012)

Kustodian seems to be a one-man project from New York
but as the bandcamp page I found this on has almost no
information, this is a guess on my part.

Anyway, the music speaks for itself. Experimental sludge
that is played so fucking heavy that I keep going back to
it, just to see if it still sounds the same. Massive riffs are
hammered out over a drum machine (or robot drummer?)
that are heavily processed to give an industrial percussion
that clatters and thuds.

The tracks are largely instrumental but there are spoken
word samples played with distortion and bursts of shouted
vocals drift in and out of the mix. The whole album drips
with atmosphere and is certainly not your standard macho-
grunt fest.

"Adapters" has a echoed piano riff looping while
snatches of police radio and telephone conversations are
played over drones - kinda like the Butthole Surfers song
"22 going on 23"...... this interlude sets up the next track
to sound even more brutal.

"Commuters" is almost 10 minutes long and the last thing
I expected to hear was the guitar solo - a distorted blues wailing
along to the riff - which is probably why it is there.

This is excellent stuff and nicely heavy.

Free download from Bandcamp

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