Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Next Hundred Years - Troppo (2012)

Band request from Canada.

The Next Hundred Years have featured on this blog
before but now they have a new album out.

This time around the production is of a much higher
quality which makes for a wider, bigger sound.

The stoner/metal sound is still very evident but
there is a definite groove to the already complex
song arrangements which remind me somewhat
of Alice In Chains.

The guitars have retained their warm, fuzzy tones
but the tracks have more urgency to them and there
seems to be a tension to the riffs that builds up before
being allowed to burst into a heavier passage.

This collection of tunes shows the band have matured
as song writers and have honed their craft. If you want
some good solid rock to bang your head to - Listen

Free download from Bandcamp

1 comment:

  1. amazing, i was all over the last one and this might be even better!

    amazing band, great vocals