Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Obelyskkh - Hymn To Pan

After the impressive "White Lightnin'" came out last
year, I have been waiting to see what Obelyskkh
would come up with next.

"Hymn To Pan" delivers in spades. Carrying on with their mix
of sludge/doom, they have opened up the sound with a delirious
shot of psychedelia - rather than sun-kissed dreams, think bad-trip

The album has 6 tracks of epic scale and power that bring a feel
of freedom to the fore. The riffs are as plentiful and powerful as
ever but now seem to have a different dimension of free flowing
song composition. 

The trademark sonic heaviness is still there as well as the impressive
vocals which roam between clean and demented. Inspired touches
of samples and what sounds like a treated guitar providing almost
keyboard/horn sounds lift the tracks to higher plains of head
nodding bliss.

Get this at once!

Band blurb:

Io Pan, Io Pan, Io Pan! The wild hunt through Arcadia’s harsh mountains is about to begin. Battle call, you say? Well, while sinking into Obelyskkh’s opus maximus, Hymn To Pan, this is the first impression that comes to mind.

The new album from the Franconian stalwarts combines the monstrous riffs of their 2012 album White Lightnin’ with a new approach to songwriting, a call to arms, warranting cause for alarm. Obelyskkh seem to be picking up speed and urgency with each release, and whilst their cornerstone of majestic, bridging leads enthroned on swarms of bludgeoning riffs remain intact, Hymn To Pan sees the vocals traverse between cutting serenity and harsh shrieks, giving the music breathing space and glimpses into undiscovered psychedelic dimensions, thus attaining freedom in a surprisingly stunning fashion.

Unbuckle yourself from expectations, sit back and soak up this organic creation – an impressive feat for a band existing only for a few years.

Hymn To Pan was mastered by the mighty Brad Boatright (Sleep, Tragedy, High On Fire, From Ashes Rise, Integrity among many others). The album is released on CD, digital and 2xLP, containing 3 sides. Side D is a blank mirror (a great tool to adjust your vinyl player settings)

Order from Mainstream Records

Thanks to Lauren at Rarely Unable for link.

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