Thursday 11 July 2013

Horse Latitudes - Black Soil

This guitar-less trio have produced an outstanding slab
of doom with trance inducing drones to give things a really
occult feel.

Horse Latitudes have stripped away any traditional '70's rock
influences and used the power and heaviness of sludge to craft
epic tracks that do not forgive or indulge in frippery but take
you on on a bad trip through the sonic assault that emerges from
the speakers.

Having two bass players give the meaning 'low-end" a new
experience in throbbing, distorted riffs that are played at an
ominous crawl. With no guitar player, the leads are naturally
bass lead but at a pace that just piles on the tension and menace.

Shamanistic drums keep the funereal pace with relentless,
primitive beats to which the bleak vocals are shouted and
moaned. This is doom music in the truest sense.

Play loud!

All versions from Doomentia Records


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