Friday, 26 July 2013

Cowards - Hoarder

French band Cowards play a mix of raw sounding hardcore
and sludge with a feral crust attitude.

This is brutal stuff with no guitar leads or solos, just crushing
riffs played with wild abandon - overlaid with vicious, hate
filled vocals. The dark, claustrophobic production suits the
songs perfectly.

Heavier and slower than "Shooting Blanks & Pills" from 2012,
these tracks suffocate with the weight of despair and fury.
There is a chaotic edge that threatens to collapse into a wall
of noise but the strong arrangements manage to pull things
back from the edge.

Ending with a fantastic cover of "Blessed Persistence" by 16 
Horsepower, this EP shows Cowards at their best and proving
themselves to be an unstoppable force of nature.

Released on 15th September from Throatruiner Records


Thank as always to Matthias for links.

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