Monday, 15 July 2013

Cultura Tres - Rezando Al Miedo

4 months after this record was released and at least 3 months after
all the blog reviews, I finally get my act together and start
listening to it.

I am a twat and worthless blog-monkey. This is such a fucking
awesome album that I am full of self hate for not being able
to play this a quarter of a year ago.

This is sludge/doom from Venezuela with a psych edge thanks to droning
guitar notes that counter run with the main riff melody.

It is heavy, full of distorted riffs and cleanish singing with songs
that show clever, crafted passages that raise them above the fodder
that sometimes litters this genre.

This is the next evolution from the band that released "El Mal
Del Bien" two years ago. Do not be swayed by the "best doom/sludge
band from South America" - this is simply a band who have become
one of the best at doing this sort of twisted riff worship no matter where
they come from!

If you have any passing interest in the heaviness of sludge or the majestic
pace and tone of doom, this is an essential item to have in your collection.

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