Thursday, 4 July 2013

Stuff that Doug plays in his car

Regulus - The End 2013
.....Satisfyingly noisy throughout....nice mix of faster punky parts and doom riffs....great bursts of guitar and some 10 out of 10 solos....album is too short (approx 25 minutes) but, sharp and to the point....I liked it very much.

Black Sabbath -13 2013 long last some Sabbath which is more than just the name on the sleeve...its the real deal.......the band were apparently told by Producer Rick Rubin to take their proposed demo tape away and come back with songs that sounded like they came from their first 4 albums !!...and they did !!....and they do !!!....and they're really good....Tony Iommi on absolute top form throughout.....and thank you Rick Rubin !!!....Is this the best Sabbath album in over 35 years ? You bet it is !!...the only debate is to how it stands up  against their back next week in the car "13" is going on straight after Technical Ecstasy (1976) and Never Say Die (1978) which I think are the only 2 albums by the original line up that it can be, in reality, expected to challenge'll be like Alien v Predator all over again !....I'll let you know the outcome !!

Thinning The Herd - Freedom From The Known 2013
....... Motorhead meets Electric Frankenstein with some excellent heavy doom riffing. REALLY enjoyed this. 

Salems Pot - 2012
..... How my speakers groaned as this lot launched an epic assault on them....Hawkwind/ElectricWizard(dopethrone era) inspired doom of the highest order !!....Fucking marvellous.....fantastic guitar and bass sound......only 2 tracks....35 minutes in total......more next time please !!

The Fertility Cult - Heavenly Bodies 2013
.....This is very clever with more than a touch of originality to it....Doom Stoner with Saxophone !!....which sounds bizarre but think of how proper old Hawkwind sounds with Nik Turner blasting away throughout ??!! Yup...bloody marvellous !! Hard to stick a label on this..."SaxDoom" ??

Church Of Misery - Thy Kingdom Scum 2013
.....This is extremely good...the overall sound (not including the vocals...which are just fine ) is very similar to Sabbath Vol4  with huge satisfying slabs of doomy stoner guitar riffs.

David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars 1972 Live
......if you could only have one Bowie album this would have to be it. Fantastic versions of all his best stuff up to that point.....brilliant guitaring throughout from Mick Ronson, especially on Moonage Daydream. Line up includes Trevor Bolder, who went on to be mainstay bassist with Uriah Heep, and who has sadly recently passed away. I saw him play with Heep on many occasions and once got the chance to say "Great gig...thanks" to him in person. RIP Trevor.

Mott The Hoople - Live 1974
.....some readers may be familiar with at least a few of their famous singles, including one of my favourite songs ever, All The Young Dudes which was written for them by David Bowie. It was this song that gave the band its first real taste of success and what was to come. This live album shows them away from the constraints of single making and shows off their talents well and includes some pretty heavy rocking moments. Good guitar work throughout from the magnificently named Aerial Bender !!

Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures 1979
.....astonishingly, 34 years after it was released I've finally got to hear this album ...and .....I will probably upset all you Joy Division fans out there but  I doubt that I will ever listen to this again....I found it quite a hard listen and immediately afterwards put something on a little lighter to raise my mood....Church Of Misery I believe it was !! (see earlier review ) That goes to show how gloom laden I found this...but then again I suppose it was meant to be wasn't it ? I've seen Shadowplay and a couple of other tracks done live which were ok but as a whole album ?.........or am I missing something ?


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