Monday, 9 September 2013

Black Majik Acid - S/T

I love Doom music. I really like doom with elements of
stoner, sludge, psych mixed in with it. But there seems to be
a trend today to add that tag to anything that has guitars in it
and has a slowish song. 

Hey man, I am playing a shit load of great sounding '70's
influenced bands that rock like a bastard ..... but it is NOT doom.

Black Majik Acid ARE a doom band and thank fuck for their

All the elements that make this wonderful genre so unique are
played out to the fullest extent!

Grimy riffs that have crawled out from a grave worm into your ears
while the world weary vocals have an equal measure of dread and
despair to them. Distorted solos that conjure up the smell of
overworked amps are strewn across the tracks with power but
also with a great blues/psych feel to them.

The recording is lo-fi and raw but the album more than makes up
for this by having a authentic love for the music played, the tracks
almost have sweat and blood dripping out of the notes. Besides I
like my music raw and it suits the mood perfectly.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to the band for sending album.

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  1. Great review! Much gratitude to Black Insect Laughter!! Cheers!!