Monday, 18 October 2010

Alaskan - The Weak and the Wounded (2010)

Post-metal sludge from Canada. This is huge sounding!

I have started to cut'n'paste post-metal reviews - although
I love the genre, there is only so many different ways
that you can describe crushing riffs, intense vocals,
continent shifting bass etc. If I have reviewed it, I
think it is really good otherwise it would not be here.

If you are into post-metal than you know what to expect,

But this album deserves a special mention, using samples
from the horror film "Session 9", Alaskan have created
something that I feel stands up to anything released by
Mouth of the Architect - for me the benchmark of greatness.

I found this on Ribs Out - one of the best sites for new
heavy bands.


  1. thanks for your support!!


  2. Hey man, thank you for making the album - over the last year, many bands tagged as post-metal are seeming very samey and I was slowly giving up in finding some one with their own identity - your album really ticked all the boxes for me!