Friday, 8 October 2010

Stinking Lizaveta- Sacrifice & Bliss (2009)

This power trio really blur the boundaries
of genre pigeon holes.

Their style incorporates doom, stoner, prog,
metal and post-rock with eastern influences
and jazz stylings.

They actually describe themselves as doom-jazz!

Clean, graceful melodic guitar work changes into
Sabbath-y riffs, which wander over into
stoner-groove territory.

Think Zappa guitar playing math-rock in the
style of Miles Davis - Dark Magus era - while
doing Magic Lantern covers numbers!


  1. Caught these guys live on the Weedeater tour before last. They were fucking immense. The way I described them to claypool was like melvins doing primus covers. Genius.

  2. Talking of the Melvins - I have got a copy of "Houdini" ..... ok ,it's very good, you win ..... I guess I am starting to really like them!

  3. haha, yes! Good stuff man, glad you're coming round to them!

  4. Come over to the dark side, young skywalker!

  5. I've downloaded plenty of stuff linked from this site now, and I feel as if I ought to thank you, so doing that now! This blog is awesome <3, it's so hard to find weird experimental instrumental or whatever else, lastFM and other shit I've tried is no help and my friends and I don't have the time to go to random shows or research these days. In any case, thank you so much!

  6. Hey thanks for the comments, it does make this worthwhile!