Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Collapsar - s/t (2005)

Now sadly broken up, Collapsar played an
intricate, instrumental mix of math / tech
metal in a fierce explosion of distorted
guitar lines.

Hard hitting riffs and sonic textured sound-
scapes played with almost King Crimson
precision but with added aggression which
allows all sorts of playing to come out from
the hardcore intensity within the songs.

Dizzying fretwork and an almost mental
jazz drummer may scare of the casual listener
but will reward those who are after some
heavier vibes - Listen


  1. Hey, that link is to Double Dragons, not Collapsar :(

  2. Sorry about that, I would normally repost but as all my links got taken down, it is a massive job to re-up everything and at the moment it just seems a massive undertaking for something that can happen again. If get my act together I will do but in the meantime I am sure that it must be out there somewhere! Good hunting.