Thursday, 14 October 2010

Genesis - Live (1973)

Before Phil Collins embarked on a solo
career that would make me want to hammer
piss-stained nails into his eyes, he was a
fantastic drummer in a prog-rock band.

Singing about the creation of life, slum
landlords, overcrowding, genetics, man-
eating plants and revolution, Genesis had
a much darker feel than Yes.

A live set with tracks from their early
albums, this is the one to listen to if you
ever wanted to dip your toe into their
past history and one of my fave prog albums.


  1. This album is amazing, I think I even have it up on VDO

  2. You really do love 70's music - young whippersnappers of your age should be wearing hoodies, stabbing people and burning down churches while playing deathblackgrinddronedoomcore on your headphones! .... or else your old man had this in his collection?

  3. Haha, my old man does have this! If our churches weren't made so much out of stone and more of wood I would get those fuckers down