Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Freeks - Full On

"Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa" - so spake Rob Tyner on the legendary
Kick Out The Jams album. The Freeks are blazing the same trail
as the MC5 ..... 

Whilst not quite the mission statement of "Dope, Guns and
Fucking in the Street" - the incendiary rock'n'roll of the Motor
City Five + the burning attack of The Stooges have left a burning
legacy that few bands have ever managed to equal.

But - and this is a big "but" - The Freeks have taken the banner
and produced an album full of passion and high-octane punk
rock'n'roll that many bands have tried before but never with
such results as this.

Psych garage rock played with heart and soul - what's not
to like? Screaming fuzzed-wah solos are machine gunned out
over the cranked up riffs with deadly results. Reverb vocals yelp
and groan with an infectious groove and let's not forget the tunes .....
melody combined with power and catchiness making each quick-fire
track an event worth playing over and over.

The Freeks also know when to embrace their slower, more trippy
side - several songs have Electric Prune/The Nazz type vibe complete
with Hawkwind space effects to really get things cosmic.

As a side note, the band contains ex-members of Fu Manchu, Nebula &
Roadsaw. Rather than combing into a "super-stoner band", they have
to be praised for following their own path.
This is highly recommended to anyone into proto-punk/garage rock.

Many thanks to the band for sending this to me.

Also thanks to the always tremendous Heavy Planet for turning me onto these guys.

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