Saturday, 5 October 2013

Leather Nun America - Kult Occult 2011

One you might of missed.

From San Diego USA
They describe themselves as " 3 guys making Doom and Metal 
that they like to listen to".....

.....this I take to mean that if anyone outside 
of the band doesn't like it then tough shit !!....a good ethos to have.

Strange choice of name given the legendary status of Swedish 
rockers The Leather Nun, but then who am I to query such a thing 
given my own track record of band names ie....... Ruptured Dog!

Their dense sound is very mid-70's Sabbath with plenty of growling 
bass and searing guitar throughout. There is a pleasing variety in the 
pacing with quieter numbers not feeling out of place. The production is 
excellent throughout with loads going on under the main action to 
concentrate your ears. 

I always like to see how any band I review performs live and in 
this case it was rather a disappointment as the YouTube clips are all 
of poor sound quality with the band seemingly struggling to reproduce 
their material with the same ferocity as in the studio.  

Listen to a very fine track from the album entitled "Indra", 
which will give you a good idea of what they are all about.

Doug E Dogg

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