Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Gli Altri - Fondamenta, Strutture, Argini

From: Italy
Sounds like: Post-rock with muscles
Just one song: Cera

Savona, Italy, was formerly known to harbor a flourishing iron industry and one of Christopher Columbus' houses. But Chronos is a cruel motherfucker. Like almost everywhere in the ancient European industrial hotspots, the business is now as dead as Abdelazziz Bouteflika. And Christopher Columbus's sex-appeal (or what's left of it) is on its way to the junkyard, following the paces of his own statue in Buenos Aires.
So, what's left in Savona, then?
Simply the best, as the other would roar.
They are five, they don't pollute the atmosphere nor infect innocent Indians with whiskey and venereal diseases, and that's fine with me. Even more than fine, as Gli Altri play their post-rock the way it should always sound: powerfully. Period.
If I worried about decency, I would describe their music as a smart mixture of the tormented violence of the emotive hardcore with the contemplative lyricism of the above-mentioned post-rock.
But, unfortunately, as decency went completely out of fashion during the Reagan/Thatcher era , I have no choice but to say it crudely: this album sounds like Mogwaï with balls (the band, obviously).
My apologies for the Scottish crew, the PC-non-gender-biased watchmen and the furry monster. I honestly tried to find some cuter words, I've been beating around the bush for more than three weeks, but in vain...
When you will first listen to "Fondamenta, strutture, argini", you may not see my point directly. The first three songs sound like some solid modernization of Zen Arcade sung in Italian. The ghost of Mogwaï appears only after, right from the beginning of 6:33. It comes dressed with melancholic drops of guitar beating on a falsely quiet wave of (other) guitar and violin. And, over his shoulder, you can even spot his companion from Godspeed You Black Emperor. But unlike the usual ghosts whose aspect usually oscillates between ethereal reminiscences and decomposed remains, these ones get brighter and stronger as the album goes by, their face irrigated by the new blood and energy Gli Altri manage to infuse. And when it ends, you will probably face the same evidence I had to face: this is really how post-rock should sound: a massive yet subtle mingling of power and emotions creating vivid imaginary landscapes through excited (and exciting) brushstrokes.
To say that I warmly recommend this album would be an understatement and a not-very-decent way to conclude this post. But as decency etc.

Legal download from the bandcamp

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Words by Matthieu

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