Friday, 30 July 2010


So, this is my 150th post and what a journey it has been.

We have had highs and lows, we have laughed and cried
and I feel we have become all the closer for it.

What a team we make:

Me - witty, handsome, guitar hero and musical know it all.
You - sad, pathetic download monkey with no records of your own.

Lets promise never to fight again and look forward to
the rest of the year.

To celebrate this momentous post - some music from
the Ren & Stimpy show - I found this on the strange and
varied blog Digital Meltd0wn ...... why not Listen or if
you are feeling the futile and pointless existence of life is
too much to bear, try my 47 minute Sub Sonic Symphony -
a multi-tracked piece of music using keyboards, drones
and sound effects which I composed to be played in
tandem to the 1927 Lon Chaney film "The Unknown"
which various "friends" have assured me is impossible
to play to the end without wanting to hurt me.... Try Me!


  1. Haha, man, genius. Sheer genius.

  2. Thanks man.

    After your burst of posts last week, I left comments for Endless Boogie & The High Confessions which have not appeared yet. I have just come in to work to find our server playing up and emails from last week only now arriving - maybe my comments will turn up soon!