Thursday, 21 April 2011

UK Subs - Endangered Species (1982)

Although I have a soft spot for "Another Kind of Blues",
this, the 5th Subs album, has all the elements to make
this one of their best.

The tinny sounding, weakish production of previous
recordings are left behind as Charlie and the boys
crank it up.

Solid, pounding drums and bass anchor songs down
and the guitar has never sounded this heavy or with
as much economic, fast solos.

This sounds like a band who want to capture the
live sound and have the chops to deliver.

There is also a departure in some of the song tempos
- slower riffs, minimal playing + a couple of vocals
from the bass player which help in getting away from
many of the songs sounding similar.

Many more good albums would emerge but for a
yobbish good time, this is hard to beat.

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