Thursday, 28 April 2011

New Race - The First and The Last (1981)

Wet dream fanboy time for Deniz Tek, from Radio

Radio Birdman were a great Aussie band who
channeled the Detroit proto-punk sound into
high energy, snotty rock'n'roll.

In 1981 he contacted Ron Asheton and Dennis
Thompson to form a one off, live touring band
and this live album is a document from that event.

The set is mainly Radio Birdman songs, with one
original "Columbia" but The Stooges get a look in
with a version of "Loose", the MC5 songs "Gotta
Keep Movin'" and "Looking at You" are thrashed out
and there is also a fantastic version of the Destroy All
Monsters classic "November 22nd, 1963" which is a
revelation with male vocals.

This is fast, raw sweaty stuff.


  1. awesome album, thanks. never heard of this guys

  2. Always happy to spread the love.

    have you heard the new Atomic Bitchwax album? One 45 minute track of riffs and solos!

  3. not yet. wow 45 minute song I need to check it out