Monday, 11 July 2011

The Danger of Being Bored at Work

Across the road from where I work, there is a Community
Notice Board. I glued these posters up early in the morning
over the course of several days and sat back to watch peoples
reactions from the safety of my window.

The CCTV poster had some people trying to smash the camera
above their heads - of course they were not being monitored
- it was just a Speed Trap camera pointing about 250 feet
from where they were!

The Drunk Bus Driver poster had the police and about 15
blokes from London Transport scraping the poster off the
board + 3 buses that would not move until it was gone! I
promise that I was not responsible for the RMT going on
strike last month!

The Slag Alert Poster worked beyond my wildest dreams.
It had a crowd of about 11 youths all reading it when one
teenager on a bike went fucking nuts!

He started to scream "Who did THIS"! over and over again,
followed by "No one does this to me", took out a knife and
started to attack the poster - stabbing and cutting the paper
to shreds, not noticing that it was pasted onto glass with the
inevitable results of then being showered with shards of wreckage!

I think it took about 3 days for me to stop laughing - was it something I said?

Aaaaaah - happy days!


  1. I love this so much. You are the best person.

  2. Only a bad person would love this offensive material - welcome to the dark side!

  3. In the same vein - here is a badly filmed clip of me putting fake money on top of a bus stop ( again outside work - no point if I cannot see the results) missed most of the guys climbing up but the ending made my pants moist!