Thursday, 2 September 2010

Heirs - Alchera (2009)

Some nice bleak instrumental post-rock/
metal. Reverb soaked blankets of sound
bring to mind Godflesh/Head of David
and some slower Isis.

Big riffs and the odd industrial clatter
within the low end songs make this a
tasty treat.


  1. this album is awesome man, been neglecting it lately. Maybe this will make me get it back into the rotation

  2. I kinda forgot about it as well. With so much new stuff coming in to listen to, I have a rotation as well - I am lucky that I can play 8 hours a day at work - everyone just keeps away!

  3. Ah man, I wish I had that option, unfortunately I don't think the general public like to listen to doom/sludge/black metal and everything else while they sit down to their dinner