Friday, 27 August 2010

The Adverts - Crossing The Red Sea (1978)

C'mon - tell me the truth -
when did you last play this?

It's been a while ain't it.

There is always something newer,
faster, heavier to put on. I know,
I know - you have just found a place
that has a new Zappa rehearsal
recording - which is just full of
not quite loud enough to hear chatting
and guitar tuning and you need to play it

But do yourself a favour, get your ears
ready for sharp bursts of 3 min perfect
punk songs, buzzsaw melodies, nifty guitar,
impassioned singing and clever lyrics - Listen.

As an aside, I saw them 3 times, all at various
stages of their career and they were all
at The Marquee Club..... weird!

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